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Angle Surface Bracket

The Angle Surface Bracket is a one-of-a-kind solution to transform your sloped ceilings or slanted walls into functional storage. Our newly patented and easily-installed bracket gives you the ability to attach two rods-front and back- for hanging clothing and adding an overhead shelf for extra storage.


Slanted and angled ceilings are challenging, and stock solutions won't work. DIY store-bought closet organizers or even expensive custom closet companies don't always have the best answer as to how to work with closets with sloped ceilings. With a set of Angle Surface Brackets and your two standard wood or metal rods and a 12" deep shelf, you can add hanging space and storage to your angled-ceiling closet, a bonus room over a garage, an attic, the space under the stairs, or even a bare wall in a bedroom that lacks closet space. Since ceilings are not all the same, our bracket contains 25 telescoping angle push-button adjustments. The bracket is attached to studs in the wall or rafters in the ceiling and has been tested to support 125 pounds per bracket and span 32" to 48". 


Don't underutilize your storage space just because it has a slanted or angled ceiling. Tricky angled surfaces are no challenge for the Angle Surface Bracket

The Angle Surface Bracket is made from heavy-duty steel to prevent bending or warping and is coated with an electrostatic spray to keep it looking bright and white for years to come.


*Brackets only. Shelf and clothing rods are not included.

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